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Exact semantics of IVS Player getLiveLatency()?


What exactly is getLiveLatency() measuring for a live stream?


content recorded (A) --> content received at AWS IVS ingest endpoint (B) ---> presumably some processing in AWS (C) ---> content available for a viewer to view on AWS IVS servers (D) ----> viewer downloads live data, a HLS segment (E) ---> viewer watches segment (F)

getLiveLatency gives the difference between which of the following?

1: A and E? 2: B and E? 3: D and E? 4: Other?

How is that number actually being computed?

1 Answers

Thank you for using the Amazon Interactive Video Service. The IVS Player's getLiveLatency method ( measures the latency between when the content is received by Amazon IVS (B) and when the viewer watches the segment (F). The delay/latency before the content enters the IVS system is unknown to IVS, thus it cannot be calculated into the final live latency value.

answered 6 months ago

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