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How to retrieve path parameters from websocket url in lambda functions


When we deploy the websocket in API Gateway, it gives us a url like: wss://<example> Based on our use case, we need to pass a parameter in the url, like: wss://<example> Now when we try to connect to the first url, is works fine. But if we connect to the second url, we get a 403 error:

Error: Unexpected server response: 403 Handshake Details Request URL: https://<example> Request Method: GET Status Code: 403 Forbidden

There seems no way in AWS API Gateway to configure access to the second url.

Can anyone offer a solution for this?

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This is correct. You can't append anything after the stage name. If you do you get an error.

To work around this you can deploy a CloudFront distribution in front of API Gateway and then use a CloudFront Function to modify the URL by removing the ID and placing it in a header or in a request parameter.

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answered 9 months ago
  • Many thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

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