How to rollback a completed Greengrass component deployment


I have deployed a custom component on a windows machine. This component just runs a jar file on windows box. Deployment shows completed. I am trying to find a way now to stop that running java application. Is there any way to rollback a completed deployment in Greengrass. My another use case would be to install an exe file on windows machine using Greengrass component. How do I uninstall that application using Greengrass.

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Hi. You can un-deploy a component in the same way as you deploy one. Revise the last deployment, remove the component, then deploy.

Uninstalling an exe file is trickier because Greengrass components don't have an Uninstall lifecycle. Add your voice here if you would like this feature: So you probably would need to manage the uninstall from the run state. In general though, you should be cautious about performing system wide changes from a component. Systems Manager might be a better choice.

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answered 10 days ago

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