Updating WHOIS information after transferring domain to Route 53


On 2024-01-08 and 2024-01-09 I transferred two domains registered in the .ch TLD to Route 53. They showed up as registered in the Route 53 "Registered domains" page and I received confirmations from both AWS and the previous registrar that they had been successfully transferred. I subsequently changed the DNS name servers for one of these domains to Route 53 and created a new A record within it. When I query the domain with WHOIS, it shows the new name servers and DNS queries use the new A record I defined, but as of 2024-01-23 (two weeks later), WHOIS still shows the registrar for the domain as the original registrar from whom I transferred it to Route 53.

When can I expect the WHOIS database to be updated to show AWS Route 53 as the registrar? Is there something I should do to cause this to be updated?

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This would be expected to be done as part of the domain transfer process. You may want to raise a support case with AWS to see if something is holding it up. In AWS Console create a support case of type Account and billing, service Domains, category Transfers https://support.console.aws.amazon.com/support/home#/case/create


AWS provides a Basic support plan, free of charge, for all AWS customers. The plan includes assistance for the following issues related to domain registration:

  • Transferring domains to or from Amazon Route 53
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