upload or download larger file failed


Develop environment: ELB + ECS + nestjs uploading a file, when the file size is less than 300MB, upload is OK, When the size of the uploaded file > 300MB, the upload fails. not found useful logs in ECS log. could you give me some advice? If need to modify the configuration of elb or ecs , how can we do?

  • what component are you using for file upload? can you check if this component has any default filesize limits set? please add more details, like error details, etc.

  • I am also facing the same issue on my Linux AWS instance downloading tensorflow and pytorch via pip and both > 300Mb and fail the same way

1 Answer

If you identified the cause is file size, maybe you could try upload the larger file with multipart upload?

Lihu Wu
answered 2 years ago

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