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I am unable to delete my Sagemaker domain, I can't figure out how to delete the things it's telling me to delete so that I can delete the domain. It's charging me 1k a month.

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Must make sure that all apps under the users are deleted, once the apps are delete proceed deleting all users. Same must happen with the Share Spaces.

here some prerequisites for Domain deletion:

  • You must have admin permission to delete a Domain.
  • You can only delete an app with the status InService displayed as Ready in the Domain. To delete the containing Domain, you don't need to delete an app whose status is Failed. In the Domain, an attempt to delete an app in the failed state results in an error.
  • To delete a Domain, the Domain cannot contain any user profiles or shared spaces.
  • To delete a user profile or shared space, the user profile or space cannot contain any non-failed apps.
  • To switch authentication modes from IAM to IAM Identity Center, you must delete the Domain.

Follow this steps to delete your Users and Share Spaces.

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Hi! Alongside the answer above you also must be sure to delete your EFS file separately:

"When you use the SageMaker console to delete the Domain, the Amazon EFS volume is detached but not deleted. The same behavior occurs by default when you use the AWS CLI or the SageMaker Python SDK to delete the Domain. However, when you use the AWS CLI or the SageMaker Python SDK, you can set the RetentionPolicy to HomeEfsFileSystem=Delete to delete the Amazon EFS volume along with the Domain."

This is something to make sure you do so you are not charged after the fact.

You can read more about deleting domains here.


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