Binary Logging must be enabled for MySQL server


Im trying to run a CDC task using AWS DMS from our Beta DB to our Dev DB and Im getting the following error:

Binary Logging must be enabled for MySQL server; Errors in MySQL server binary logging configuration. Follow all prerequisites for 'MySQL as a source in DMS' from or'MySQL as a target in DMS' from ; Failed while preparing stream component 'st_0_core-beta'.; Cannot initialize subtask; Stream component 'st_0_core-beta' terminated [1020418]  (replicationtask.c:2888)

I have enabled the binlog_format to set to ROW and Im using the writer cluster endpoints for both the beta and dev DB. Is there any other parameter I need to change/set please?

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Great thanks. Also, I was using the reader instance and not the clusters writer, I think that was the problem.

answered 2 years ago

Hi, @marc-eprop

You can check other parameters from the following documents.

Other parameters such as binlog_row_image and binlog_checksum are also mentioned here.

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answered 2 years ago

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