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AWS VPN Client on macOS - DNS not resolving


Hi there,

We have a client VPN endpoint that we are trying to connect to using the AWS Client VPN application (

On macOS, we are running into an issue where DNS for the VPC resources is not being resolved, despite being connected to the VPN successfully. We are using the client configuration file as downloaded from the AWS console.

On Windows this configuration file worked correctly with the AWS VPN Client application.

On Linux we had to make the following change to the configuration to have working DNS: adding the line

dhcp-option DOMAIN-ROUTE .

However, this change did not have the same positive effect on macOS.

Does anyone know how to get DNS to resolve correctly when using the AWS VPN Cient app on macOS?

Thanks and regards.

  • I had a similar issue and in my case I had to enable DNS in the AWS VPN client setup, and at least provide x.x.x.2 (second IP in the client CIDR range) as the one of DNS servers.

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What is the error that you are getting in the log files ? I would recommend reaching out to the AWS Premium Support team with the necessary logs as mentioned in the below link to get detailed information on why is this issue happening. Once the files are received, they will be better to engage & check the logs.


answered 6 months ago

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