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There are few documents about the differences between business accounts and personal accounts. Hence, I mistakenly create a business plan and I am now being charged for the support plan while I am not using. Please help me move the account from business type to personal type and remove the support plan.

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To change your AWS support plan from a business to a personal type and remove the support plan, follow these steps:

1.Sign in to the AWS Support Plans Console:

  • Go to AWS Support Plans console.

2.Change Your Support Plan:

  • Compare the support plans if needed.
  • Choose Review downgrade for the desired plan.
  • In the Change plan confirmation dialog box, review the changes.
  • Choose Accept and agree.

If you encounter issues, contact AWS Support for assistance.

For more details, refer to the AWS documentation.

i hope this will be helpful to you.

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answered 18 days ago


I think you can change your support plan by following the steps in the document below.

If you are unable to make the change, could you please share information about the specific operation that failed?

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answered 18 days ago
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