Unable to see newly created indicies in Kibana


Hi, I can not see my indices in the kibana>management>create new index view. I've waited a day, thinking there was a data issue somewhere, but I still cannot see them.

I created several new indices, 2 by command line curl and the other directly inside kibana, all of which returned successful messages and also ran _cat/indices on my elasticsearch domain and verified that they exist.

What am I doing wrong here?

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2 Answers

After installing the available update and then upgrading my elasticsearch domain from v7.7 to v7.9. I was able to see all of the indices I created.

My original issue occurred around the same time that AWS was having the kinesis issues in us-east-1 region where my elastic lives. I'm assuming that was the source of my problems.

Will mark this as resolved.

Hopefully this helps someone else

answered 3 years ago

I added a reply to my initial post with what fixed the problem.

answered 3 years ago

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