Can't open AWS-CLI in Windows 10


I have installed the latest version of AWS CLI. While I am trying to open the installed CLI, it's popping up windows for a second and disappearing instantly. I don't know what is the possible reason for that.

Here is the output while I am entering the command: aws --version aws-cli/2.11.8 Python/3.11.2 Windows/10 exe/AMD64 prompt/off

N:B: I am using Windows 10 Pro Education (64-bit)

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So you open a Command Prompt and type aws --version, and get:

aws-cli/2.11.8 Python/3.11.2 Windows/10 exe/AMD64 prompt/off

Does that all work normally with no other windows popping up?

Then what command have you tried that doesn't work right - how does something simple like aws s3 ls go? If your credentials are set up does it list buckets OK? Does it also pop up other windows?

Does Python behave OK when you run it directly?

answered a year ago
  • I am running this command aws --version using my windows CLI but the issue is installed AWS CLI isn't popping up. While I am clicking to open the AWS CLI it's opening for 1/2 seconds and disappearing instantly. It's all working fine with my windows CLI.

  • I'm making a guess here but possibly there's some confusion about how the AWS CLI works? It's designed to be run from a shell like the Windows Command Prompt (I guess that's what you mean by "windows CLI"?), and it runs briefly, outputs something and terminates. It's not interactive - everything you want it to do needs to be passed as parameters.

    If you're clicking on something to run the AWS CLI then yes it will probably briefly bring up a text window to output something and close the window when it terminates.

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