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Make aurora serverless accessible from the internet



i have created an aurora serverless, cant access it from workbench.

how do i make it access from workbench


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3 Answers


Aurora serverless is currently not publicly accessible.

I advise you to launch a bastion host and direct traffic through SSH tunneling.

Steps to install bastion host:

  1. Launch an Amazon Linux EC2 instance.
  2. Configure your EC2 configurations.
  3. Edit the security group for your existing Aurora MySQL serverless db instance and add SSH for port 22. Add a self-referencing security group which will be of type MySQL/Aurora and the source will be sg-id (The security group id).

Steps to install MySQL software on EC2 instance:

  1. Login the EC2 instance.
  2. Enter the following command, this will install MySQL software on your EC2 instance.
 sudo yum install mysql
  1. Now check connectivity from your EC2 instance to your Aurora MySQL serverless instance
 mysql -h <db endpoint> -u <username> -p
  1. Enter password

If your database instance fails to connect, check your security group.

Launch MySQL workbench and configure the appropriate settings:

  1. Create new Connection.
  2. Enter a connection name and select Standard TCP/IP over SSH for Connection Method.
  3. For SSH Hostname, enter your EC2 instance public DNS endpoint.
  4. For SSH Username, enter ec2-user.
  5. For SSH Key File, select the path you downloaded your EC2 instance .pem file.
  6. For MySQL hostname, Enter your Aurora MySQL endpoint and port number.
  7. Add your username and password.

These steps will allow you to successfully access your Aurora MySQL serverless db instance through MySQL Workbench.

I hope this helps.


answered 3 years ago

Update: Didn't work

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