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Free tier billing for DynamoDB missing transfers?


DynamoDB includes:

25 GB of storage and up to 200 million read/write requests per month with the AWS Free Tier

My monthly billing statement for S3 shows storage and transfers:

  • Amazon Simple Storage Service Requests-Tier1
    • $0.00 per request - PUT, COPY, POST, or LIST requests under the monthly global free tier
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service Requests-Tier2
    • $0.00 per request - GET and all other requests under the monthly global free tier
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service TimedStorage-ByteHrs
    • $0.000 per GB - storage under the monthly global free tier

Which is exactly as expected. But DynamoDB is missing the "monthly global free tier" section:

  • Amazon DynamoDB PayPerRequestThroughput
    • $0.25 per million read request units (N. Virginia)
    • $1.25 per million write request units (N. Virginia)
  • Amazon DynamoDB TimedStorage-ByteHrs
    • $0.00 per GB-Month of storage for first 25 free GB-Months

and based on this I would expect a monthly bill of $0.01 for my piddly 6,000 read/write requests (out of the 200 million free tier limit). What needs to be done to get the billing page to show "$0.00 per request under the monthly global free tier" for DynamoDB?

1 Answer

The DynamoDB free tier provides for Provisioned Capacity but not for On Demand.

"25 WCUs and 25 RCUs of provisioned capacity for tables using the DynamoDB Standard table class"

answered 4 months ago

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