Integration of Global Accelerator with Cognito


Currently AWS Cognito stores users in one region. This causes all of client network requests go to this specific region, which can cause significant latency. (Imagine a scenario when Cognito region is US-east and client is in Australia)

Global solve issues like that (Backend service operate in region A, but clients can connect to GlobalAccelelator locations which reduce latency)

It there any simple way of integrating Cognito and Global Accelerator in such a way that GlobalAccelelator will just 'proxy' all traffic to Cognito region?

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No, there's no simple way of doing this.

Note that you're dealing with (almost) the worst-case latency. It'd be better (if possible) to use Cognito in us-west-2 - still low latency for US customers; better for Australia. That said, putting it in Australia would be absolutely the best. ;-)

Please get in touch with your local AWS Solutions Architect - they can take this feedback and add it to a feature request.

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answered 9 months ago

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