Can I send email without an email address using Simple Email Service?


Previously I have used the PHP mail() function to send emails from an app hosted on a Debian Linux / Apache server which was not with AWS. I did not need to have an email address in order to send those emails from the app. The app is only in development stage so I do not have extensive feedback about it. The emails do get sent so it does work at some level.

I am now moving the app to an AWS EC2 Ubuntu Linux server and the mail() function is not working. I realize I have quite a lot of choices about how to get it working. As far as I can see, if I use SES, I will need to have an an actual email address which would be the address that the emails sent from my app would be sent from (previously they were sent from a non existent address). Is that correct? Is it a bad idea to send emails from an app which are not associated with a real email address?

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No. You can only use Amazon SES to send email from addresses or domains that you own. To prove that you own an email address or domain, you have to verify it. In each AWS Region, you can verify up to 10,000 email addresses and domains, in any combination.

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