How to find the IP address I blocked on LightSail (Bitnami)?


My domain is hosted on lightsail received some suspicious IP addresses, therefore, I followed this document
to block some suspicious IP address
I use this command to block the IP address:
iptables -A INPUT -s -j DROP

Now the problem is I cannot remember the IP addresses I blocked. therefore, I want to find the IP address I blocked.
After that, I want to unlock some IP addresses.

How to do that?

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Accepted Answer

This command will list all your iptables rules...

iptables -L -n

To remove a rule, just re-run the iptables command except replace '-A' with '-D'.

David G
answered a year ago

Thanks, it works. I hope it could be documented somewhere on Bitnami while it introduces how to block an IP.

answered a year ago

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