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How to setup Subdomain for S3 Bucket


Hi everyone,

I have an existing website that resides on a non-aws cpanel server. My domain is registered with godaddy. I created an S3 bucket and would like it to be a subdomain of my main site (ie I've looked through the documentation and help docs. Unfortunately most of the writers assume prior experience and thus omit important steps. Can someone please point me to good beginner documentation for this. I'm getting conflicting information even within the AWS community. Some people are saying create a cname entry. Other people are saying it's nameservers. I'm very confused.


1 Answers

If you want ssl on your S3 site then note you can't use S3's static website hosting option as ssl isn't supported. The best way is to use CloudFront with your S3 bucket as the origin. Have a look at

answered 2 months ago

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