Cannot upgrade minor version RDS Aurora MySQL Clusters


We have two RDS clusters with one writer in each one. Auto minor version upgrades is enabled for both of them. One of these clusters is running "5.7.mysql_aurora.2.09.1" and the other one is running "5.7.mysql_aurora.2.09.2".

We have received an email with a recommendation to upgrade these clusters to patch version 2.09.3.

We thought that this would be made automatically by the "auto minor version upgrades" but it seems that it is not taking place. We have also tried to follow the steps to upgrade it manually, but there is no option. The version of the clusters seems to be blocked.

How can we upgrade our clusters to this version?

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And magically, after I asked the question here, the option to change the engine version of the cluster appeared enabled and I was able to change the version without problem. Thanks Valter_R.

answered 10 months ago

Hi there, Aurora's Version Policy documentation regarding AMVU, says "We typically schedule automatic upgrades twice a year for DB clusters that have the Auto minor version upgrade setting set to Yes", so indeed the AMVU will not do the upgrade for now.

Another way you can check if the version you're running has had automatic upgrades scheduled is with this AWS CLI command:

$ aws rds describe-db-engine-versions --output=table --engine aurora-mysql --engine-version 5.7.mysql_aurora.2.09.2

At the point in time I'm writing this, 2.09.2 indeed does not have AMVU enabled yet, upgrades should be done manually.

Therefore, I'd recommend that you follow the procedure to upgrade Aurora MySQL by modifying the engine version.

If the procedure above (modifying the engine version) does not work, I'd advise opening a support case.

answered 10 months ago

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