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Redshift external schema


Redshift external schema won't show tables from AWS Glue. using AWS crawler tables names are pulled from S3 bucket, tables are listed in Glue - Data Catalog tables but when external schema is created using Glue Database (which is created during above process), it doesn't have any table.

Below option is enabled, network traffic passes through VPC. If network traffic passes through VPC do we need to enable and VPC Redshift endpoint or glue endpoint. Enhanced VPC routing - Enabling this option forces network traffic between your cluster and data repositories through a VPC, instead of the internet.

  • how are you managing permissions, do you use Lake formation. I dont see a reason why the table is not visible unless there is no proper ACLs setup

1 Answers

I assume you intend to use Redshift Spectrum and the S3 bucket is in the same region as your cluster. If you enable enhanced VPC routing, the subnets where your Redshift cluster can run are private, and there is not a route from them to a NAT Gateway, you'll need VPC endpoints for Glue and S3. You also need to consider the egress rules on the security group and the permissions of the IAM role associated to your cluster.

answered a month ago

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