TLS Encryption for Data in Transit in MSK Serverless



I am exploring the use of MSK Serverless for a project and would like to ensure the security of data in transit. I am aware that standard MSK clusters utilize TLS 1.2 encryption for data in transit. However, I couldn't find explicit documentation on whether MSK Serverless adheres to the same encryption protocols.

Could you please confirm if TLS encryption is available and how it can be configured for MSK Serverless clusters? Any additional documentation or guidance on this topic would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello there,

MSK Serverless uses IAM Authentication only. And when the access control method is IAM, SASL/SCRAM or TLS, clients must use TLS encryption to communicate with the brokers.

Thus, for your MSK Serverless cluster TLS Encryption is enabled by default. The below image shows the same information on provisioned cluster.

Enter image description here

I hope the above information helps..!

answered 3 months ago

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