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Unable to create instance from newly created AMI


I created an AMI from an existing running instance and created a new instance (i-0165a9a3074670a46) from that AMI. But that new instance never comes up. I've actually tried from two different source images, and they only get to 1/2 checks passed.

[DEPEND] Dependency failed for /vol.
[DEPEND] Dependency failed for Local File Systems.
[DEPEND] Dependency failed for Migrate local... structure to the new structure.
[DEPEND] Dependency failed for Relabel all filesystems, if necessary.

Looking for errors, this is all I was able to find... /vol is a 400 GB standard volume and the root volume is a 100 GB gp2.

asked 3 years ago22 views
1 Answer

Apparently my issue was related to the source of the instance (Marketplace - CentOS) and possibly changing the instance size (from M5 to T2). Once I created the instance with the same instance type as the source the new instance booted up without a problem.

answered 3 years ago

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