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Is there a way to not change an S3 object's Last-Modified date when copying it to a new bucket?


Can not see the last change on my S3 buket files when I access html pages why?

  • Last Modified is being set automatically by AWS and we can not disable it and it must be showing while viewing thru console. Can you share some more details please if possible :)

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You can use S3 Replication feature to retain S3 object’s Last-Modified date when copying to a new S3 bucket where S3 Replication retains all metadata, such as the original object creation time and version IDs. For more details, please refer: Replicating objects -

Amazon S3 automatically updates the last-modified field for object whenever it is created, updated or replaced. You should be able to see it in the S3 console or by using CLI (head-object).

Thank you!

answered 8 months ago

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