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/Route53 custom domain not updating content/

Route53 custom domain not updating content



I am using a s3 bucket to serve a static site. I update my bucket via a bitbucket pipeline when change are made on the main branch. The s3 bucket domain name is serving the correct content and updating accordingly.

I am using cloudfront to manage my custom domain (via route53) & my SSL cert(via AWS cert manager)

I have set up an invalidation on cloudfront for all content ( i.e '/*') which is working correctly. For example the cloudfront distribution domain name is serving the correct content and updating accordingly.

However, the custom domain name (Alternate domain name (CNAME)) is not updating when S3 and cloudfront are??

Is my custom domain also caching somewhere, and I need to make changes to the configuration?


2 Answers

It sounds like connecting to the "" domain shows correct content. However, using custom domain name to connect shows outdated content. In CloudFront distribution -> behaviors, what caching policy or legacy setting configured? Is it containing host header?

answered 2 months ago

Hey. The cloudfront distribution behaviour is showing:

Cache policy and origin request policy (recommended)
Cache policy
answered 2 months ago

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