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Hello AWS Pros !

I have a question about the limits of the instances.

Have you ever tried or maybe had a chance to work on a project with plenty of instances in one REGION?

I have information that with the default setting, I can create up to 20 instances per REGION for Lightsail and EC2, but do you know how much more I can request? Is there a hard limit?

For example: with the best possible setup for my project/case, I can request maximum 99 instances or 1000 instances.

Thanks :)

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You can see your account's service quotas via the Service Quotas console. Through this page, you can also request quota increases. The upper limit depends on a number of factors. Smaller increases are generally automatically approved, while larger requests are submitted to AWS Support. See:

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Tom N
answered 2 months ago
  • Thank you, Tom :) But are you aware of any number? Like for example, I will request 150 instances, and the limit is 99.

  • It would be good to have at least the estimate on the hard limit, to be able to know how much one account can scale.

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