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Hi Guys, I tried to enable encryption between Elemental Live and MediaConnect flow. Protocol used ZIXI on MediaConnect listener and MediaConnect connection type for appliance. According to guide from the AWS I have to create aes128 hex formatted key and put in into Secret Manager. Then give access for that secret for user(with api keys) used by appliance and add role with access to that secret from MediaConnect. All done from the console. However when I started stream on the appliance it back with socket error, so basically couldn't connect whilst without encryption enabled streaming works just fine. Do you have any ideas how to tackle it? Thanks

  • can you share the error you are getting?

  • Hi Osvaldo, Thank you for the response. On the appliance it gets "Failed Socket Open" Live Event 414 Alert 6002. On the MediaConnect side it displays only information about source health: Disconnected. I do not have any logs on MediaConnect. Key example format for AES128: 8ff2f87ac55fde3e229ec5ea1b9bf2be. Thanks,

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It seems like the issue is with setting up encryption correctly between Elemental Live and MediaConnect. Try the following:

  • Make sure the encryption key stored in Secrets Manager is in the correct hexadecimal format expected by Zixi.
  • Verify the IAM role passed to MediaConnect has the necessary permissions to access the encryption key secret from Secrets Manager.
  • Confirm the stream ID passed to MediaConnect matches exactly what is configured in the Zixi feeder source.
  • Check that Elemental Live has permission to assume the IAM role and make requests to MediaConnect and Secrets Manager for the encryption key.
  • Try reducing the maximum latency setting on the MediaConnect source to see if that helps with the socket error.
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answered 2 months ago

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