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hello, I'm trying to connect my domain to AWS Amplify but I'm getting Additional Verification Required.

My domain does not rank with Alexa top 1000 websites. Please assist me with signing a certificate and connecting my domain.



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Hi There,

I understand that you are trying to create a new certificate but are getting a failed error saying "Additional verification required to request certificates for one or more domain names in this request".

Please note there are two ways this error could come up.

When the certificate contains a domain that ranks within the Alexa top 1000 websites.[1] Or as of March 10, 2022 ACM has restrictions to issue new certificates until further notice for the following domains: .RU, .BY, Бел - Belarus, Рф - Russian Federation, .moscow, .москва - Moscow, .SU - Soviet Union, ( .RU.COM, .РУС, .RU.NET

Please note that All Amazon certificates for these domains will remain functional until expiration, but will not be renewable and no new certificates from these domains will be issued. The only workaround that would work in your scenario would be to obtain a certificate from a third party that can issue a certificate for your domain, and import the certificate into ACM [2]

I trust the above information is helpful to you.




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answered 3 months ago
  • To add to the above, .ir (Iran) ccTLDs are also also in the list of ACM restrictions.



Thanks for the quick reply,

None of the options above applies to my case.

I'm trying to connect a .ir domain to Amplify


answered 3 months ago

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