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Which AWS solution is the closest to PI AF?


I'm looking for an AWS solution as close as possible as PI AF by Osisoft.

The solutions needs to:

  • Allow old data ingestion (could be of few years old);
  • Allow aggregation on data (could be summing two timeseries sensor values);
  • Allow aggregation on old data and on the upcoming one.

I've already done some research and I came out with a couple of solutions, but they still don't satisfy me completly.

AWS IoT SiteWise has assets concept and it could possibly be the best choice, but we have found that we couldn't ingest data that is older than 7 days, and it's unacceptable since we'd like to upload all the old data.

Amazon Timestream with some SQL queries could do all the aggregation we needed but just to sum two series it's needed a pretty long query, and in case of dozens of series it would require a very long, not much manteinable and hard to write query.

Thanks in advance.

1 Answer

AWS IoT SiteWise is likely part of the solution, even with the 7-day limitation. SiteWise supports hot and cold data tiers. Your historical data is essentially cold tier data; most likely you should look to bulk stream it to S3 and focus only on your new data being ingested to the SiteWise hot tier.

After your data is sent to the cold tier, you can use the following AWS services to create historical reports or analyze and query your data:

  • Run SQL queries on your data by using Amazon Athena.
  • Perform big data analysis by using Amazon EMR.
  • Search and analyze your data by using Amazon OpenSearch Service.
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answered 6 months ago

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