Docker Container running in aws app runner or Ecs Fargate to pay per request??


Hello Everyone, I have created my docker image for my algorithm container. Now, I want to deploy this docker image where i have to pay per request. Is there any system available in aws that gives this service other than aws lambda. Initially i have deployed my docker container in Ecs Fargate but there i have to pay for the whole container running. That's why i have switched to aws app runner but there also i have to pay for Provisioned container instances 0.007 $/hr and for Active container instances $0.064 / vCPU-hour*, $0.007 / GB-hour*

Can you guys please help me with the perfect service and its configuration where i can deploy my docker container and pay for the request coming to that container service.

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AWS App Runner and ECS Fargate with on-demand instances charge for the time the container instance is running, regardless of incoming requests.

Here is the reference to run How do I use container images with Lambda

Some More detailed information about the differences -

Choosing the right service depends on your specific needs:

  • If your workload consists of short-lived tasks triggered by events, and fits within Lambda's limitations, then Lambda is the most cost-effective option.
  • If your workloads are longer-running and require more resources than Lambda allows, or if you can't tolerate interruptions, then ECS Fargate with Spot Instances is a better choice.
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  • Hello GK, Thank you for your help, can i ask you is there any service available other than lambda that provides pay per request type architecture for container hosting

  • No, The possibilities are described in the answer

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