Need EC2 Technical Support to Please Stop Instance ASAP


Hello Amazon EC2 Support,

Per the below email, our EC2 instance i-0503005038170e06c is no longer functioning due to its host server failure. I simply need to stop and start this instance so that it can boot up again on another host. However, the instance is stuck in the Stopping state despite my trying both Stop and Force Stop (and waiting more than 30 minutes).

Can someone from EC2 Support PLEASE stop this instance ASAP? I will then start it. I'm submitting this request in the forums per the guidance in the "Troubleshoot stopping your instance" document (

Thank you,

-----Original Message-----
From: Amazon Web Services, Inc.
Sent: Saturday, July 10, 2021 1:52 AM
Subject: Amazon EC2 Instance Retirement [AWS Account: 862178608641]


EC2 has detected degradation of the underlying hardware hosting your Amazon EC2 instance (instance-ID: i-0503005038170e06c) associated with your AWS account (AWS Account ID: 862178608641) in the us-east-1 region. Due to this degradation your instance could already be unreachable. We will stop your instance after 2021-07-26 08:00:00 UTC. Please take appropriate action before this time.

The affected instances are listed below:


  • What do I need to do?
    We recommend that you stop and start the instance which will migrate the instance to a new host.

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1 Answer

My instance is now stopped, and I have successfully started it again. Thank you.


answered 3 years ago

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