Failing Creating an AWS Account in Control Tower


I tried creating an AWS account using Account Factory in Control Tower, but I get the following errror after an hour waiting for it:

AWS Control Tower cannot complete the operation because activation of account 012345678912 is not complete. Try again in one hour. If this error persists, contact AWS Support.
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Switch to newly created account by assuming role AWSControlTowerExecution.

Try to access any service, you will receive Complete AWS Registration page.

Click on it and select Support Plan.

Click again on any service, you will receive Registration Completed and We Activating your account page.

Go back to Service Catalog and try rerun Account provisioning to complete.

Select Account in taint state -> Actions-> Update

Make sure you fill exact same details as then you submitted account creation for the first time.

Click Update.

If it will fail again, open support case to AWS for Account Activation issues, and ask them to activate account.

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answered 3 months ago
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There are few common causes of this error. A good example is if AWS Control Tower configuration changes are in progress especially if your account provision is in an In progress state indefinitely.

To check the status of a previous action in AWS Control Tower [1]

  • Navigate to AWS CloudFormation > StackSets
  • Check each stack set related to AWS Control Tower (prefix: "AWSControlTower")
  • Look for AWS CloudFormation StackSets operations that are still running. If your account provisioning takes longer than one hour, it's best to terminate the provisioning process and try again. Also confirm that the automated pre-lunch checks for your management account has been completed [2]




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