Amazon Workmail & SES - how to setup an email address for sending only?


I've gotten as far as setting up SES and Workmail so that I can set my server to be able to exclusively send emails. However, I saw that once the Workmail Inbox is full, the account would be unable to send emails. I went looking for a way to either:
A) prevent emails from being received and stored in the inbox
B) a rule I could setup to delete anything that didn't match the company domain
C) be able to read the inbox and delete email messages from the CLI (and I'd setup my own script to manage how and what was deleted when)

So far I haven't had any luck.
Again, I'm not particular how I achieve the goal, but I do preferably need to find a way to have an email address for a server to use exclusively for sending messages. I worry that if I leave it to employees to remember to login and clear the inbox, someone will forget, and then the server will stop sending emails.

Any direction or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I think I can give you some advice and possible solutions for your problem. First of if you want a send only exclusive email address I would suggest to using SES. This will allow you to send email without needing a mailbox.

There are some options in WorkMail that can help you achieve a similar set-up. You can create a Inbound Email Flow Rule ( to drop all mail for a mailbox or you can configure a Mailbox rule to permanently delete all incoming mail (Needs Windows Outlook). To access the mailbox via an API you can use the EWS managed API and our EWS end-points.

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