Sagemaker Canvas time series forecasting model build failed


Dear all, I am trying to build a timeseries forecasting model using Sagemaker Canvas but receive the following error :

Your model build failed because of an issue with the Canvas server. Failure reason: <The value of "[]" should be a list of strings.>.Contact your administrator and share the details below to resolve the issue.

The dataset only consist of time_stamp, item_id and demand. I notice that the data is a bit sparse not every SKU have rows for every month. Anybody know if this might be the cause of the error or there are other possible cause ?

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It seems to me that Canvas is complaining because some fields in your rows are not strings (i.e. not '123') but probably numbers (123).

Can you check that and sanitize the data if needed ?



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answered 5 months ago
  • There are only three columns : time_stamps, item_id which is strings, and demand which is number. All the data has been check and there are no numbers in the item_id field.

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