Using DMS and SCT for extracting/migrating data from Cassandra to S3


IHAC who is doing scoping with an Architecture using DMS and SCT. I had a few questions I was hoping you can get answered for me.

  1. Does AWS DMS support data validation with Cassandra as a source? I don’t see it here - but I do see Cassandra as a valid source target here
  2. Does AWS DMS support ongoing replication with Cassandra as a source? Reading the docs it looks like if I wanted to extract data from Cassandra and write to s3 (Using DMS) then post process that data into a different format (Like json) and write to a different S3 bucket, I could so by attaching a Lamba to the original S3 event from the DMS extract and drop. Can you confirm my understanding?
  3. How is incremental data loaded ongoing after initial load from Cassandra (with DMS)? In the docs it looks like its stored in s3 in csv form. Does it write 1 csv per source table and keep appending or updating the existing csv? does it create 1 csv per row, per batch...etc? I’m wondering how the event in step 3 would be triggered if I did want to continuously post process updates as they come in in real time and covert source data from Cassandra into Json data I store on s3.
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