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Can QuickSight connect to Azure SQL Database?


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I want to use Azure SQL Database as a data source - I have the connection credentials, and I can even Validate the connection in QuickSight; but once it connects, it says there are no tables in the database. I thought it might be a firewall issue, and I've created a firewall rule for the Northern Virginia data center, but it had no affect. Has anyone tried this?

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2 Answers

I am answering this question by myself as I was asked by a customer and found a definitive answer for it.

While Azure SQL is not explicitly listed as one of the QuickSight data sources, you can still use it as a data source. TLS/SSL is also supported now, and I have tested it personally.

Example of JDBC connection parameters:

Server: "servername" Port: 1433 Database Name: "databasename" Username: "username"@"servername" Password: "password"

Make sure to use the "username"@"servername" format for the Username.

answered 9 months ago

Since you are able to connect but observe "no tables in the database", can you check what permissions are set for the user on Azure SQL side?

answered 9 months ago

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