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Hi All,
I have submitted the application to get access to Contact Lens (Preview), however there is no response at all from AWS Connect Team. I have provided sufficient details and justification to try this exciting product.

Could someone help me how to get this done please?


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3 Answers

This is currently available in several regions, so try a different region if you just want to test.

To know if your instance has Contact Lens, goto Metrics and Quality. And if you have a ‘Rules’ sub menu item then you have it.

If it’s not in your current region, personally, don’t expect a response as they will be likely releasing this in other regions soon and with a blog post or 2 (that’s the typical marketing approach)

And I agree, it’s a great feature and demos really well!!


answered 4 years ago

Thanks a lot Dan. I can't find the 'Rules' subtab under Metrics and Quality. Hope it becomes available in ap-southeast soon.

answered 4 years ago

I noticed in the call recording flow step it has changed to allow turning of contact lens options.

Also the call recording playback has changed today

answered 4 years ago

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