Build a turn-based game with Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon SNS - UK telephone number problem.


Hi all

I started doing the above lab and have came across an issue and I'm not sure if its me or this is a problem. Of this lab I'm on module 3 which is set up notifications, you need to copy a line of code, edit it to have your own country code and your own telephone number. This is the code -

echo "export PHONE_NUMBER=+15555555555" >> && source

I won't include my telephone number but being based in the UK mine looks something like this -

echo "export PHONE_NUMBER=+4407983655512" >> && source

I have also tried -

echo "export PHONE_NUMBER=+447983655512" >> && source

None of the above worked when you add the next line of code which is to send a message, the interface tells me "sent message successfully" but I haven't received anything. I'm thinking I may need to go back a few steps and change the region to one in the UK but I think that would be a stretch otherwise it wouldn't be asking for the international code.

Hope someone can help


1 Answer

It might be that your account is in the SMS sandbox for the region you're using, which means that you can only send messages to verified phone numbers.

When I tried the code from the lab, I also got "Sent message successfully" and no SMS message when using a region where my account is in the SMS sandbox. Once I either used a region where the account has production access or verified my phone number in the region, I received the message successfully.

answered 2 years ago
  • Ed, Thank you so much for responding. I apologise I never saw this sooner!

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