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How does AWS reconfigure it's network infrastructure on-the-fly?


As a former CCNA holder and someone who has both worked for Internet Service Providers as well as visited some of the very data centres that AWS likely operates out of (though it's of course impossible to confirm), I'm curious as to how exactly AWS manages the impressive feat of reconfiguring it's network programatically.

The term Software Defined Networks spring to mind. But why is there so little transparency about it? Security through obscurity? I thought that died out a long time ago. It seems like AWS doesn't talk about it. Is this AWS policy?

  • While it is an older video, this re:Invent session is informative on the topic of VPC: I would suggest looking for other past re:Invent sessions on the topics of networking, VPC, and global infrastructure for more information related to your questions.

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Adding to David's comment. Definitely check out the later version of that same talk because it does go into detail about how AWS builds the network that customers use. But also check out James Hamilton's Innovation at Scale video which is older but goes into other detail including EC2, EBS, etc.

There are dozens (if not more) videos on YouTube that go into our technology in depth. Consider reading the Amazon Builder's Library because it talks to a lot of the lessons and patterns that we use at scale.

Of course, there are many things we don't talk about because they are unique to AWS. But as a customer you should talk to your local AWS Solutions Architect - they may be able to answer more specific questions.

answered 9 days ago

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