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Redshift MV issue – mv_version != NULL


Hey guys,

I stumble upon this error while creating Materialized Views.

Every second dbt job on Redshift cluster gets failed due to this error.

Database Error in model stg_uploads (models/staging/stg_uploads.sql)
    error:  Assert
    code:      1000
    context:   mv_version != NULL -
    query:     4441711
    location:  refresh.cpp:592
    process:   padbMAIN [pid=20121]

Error message doesn't seem to be very informative.

Can anybody explain what could be the potential cause and what should I do to get rid of this error?

  • Is the possible for you to share the SQL/Code you used for the MV. You can get it based on the below query:

    select * from STL_QUERYTEXT where query = 4441711

    4441711 is the queryID from the error message you posted. If you can't find records for that queryID, it would mean that logs for that query have been purged, in which case pick a latest query with this issue

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