I am using javascript v3 aws-sdk to communicate with AWS-API, but intermittent delay occurs in certain regions.


Hello, I am a developer working for an AWS Partner. I've been using javascript v3 aws-sdk to get information about customers' use of AWS services.

ex)  const ec2Client = new EC2Client({
                            region: ec2Region,
                            credentials: awsCredentials,
                            tls: false,
        // EC2
        ec2Client.send(new DescribeInstancesCommand({}))

I'm experiencing intermittent communication delays when requesting a URL for the 'eu-west-1' region, which is the Ireland region among several regions.

The region making the AWS API request is Seoul, South Korea, and several services in other regions are communicating smoothly.

Communication delays to the 'eu-west-1' region are critical, as customers must periodically update their usage of multiple services.

Please help me troubleshoot the 'eu-west-1' region communication issue.

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