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Quick question!

I create a new bucket with versioning disabled. My goal is to have everything that is added to that bucket immediately moved to a Glacier Deep storage class.

I got a little confused with the rules actions. I'm assuming in a non-versioned bucket, all objects are treated as 'current version'.

 For my case, I only need the first box checked, correct?


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If there is no versioning enabled on the S3 bucket then all the objects present inside the S3 buckets will be current versioned objects as there are no previous of objects stored in the bucket. If you want to change the storage class of objects immediately after uploading to S3 bucket, you can consider uploading the objects to "Glacier Deep Archive". If you are uploading via CLI then you can also consider passing --storage-class "DEEP_ARCHIVE" parameter while uploading an object using cp command.

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Adding to the previous answer. You can’t move direct to deep archive. Objects can only move to deep glacier archive after a minimum of 180 days.

Yes objects are current version without versioning on.

If you want data to go direct to glacier you’ll need a glacier vault and send objects direct.

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answered a year ago

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