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Greetings. I am administering an AWS EFS and a handful of Amazon Linux 2 workspaces. I can mount the EFS in the workspace using its IP address, but it only mounts in read-only mode. I made an Ubuntu EC2 instance and mounted the EFS there (as the root Ubuntu user), and I have both read and write access.

Why can't I mount my EFS to my WorkSpace in read/write mode? And why can I only mount it by IP and not with Amazon's EFS helper?

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Hi phriskiii

I understand that you were having trouble mounting your efs in read/write mode and would also like to why you cannot mount using the efs helper.

Mounting EFS in read/write mode:

The following are two common issues that prevent you from writing to your file system:

* The mount option in the /etc/fstab file is set to read-only access. 
* The associated AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) policy indicates read-only access, or root access disabled.


{color:#f00}Note:{color} This resolution uses the Amazon EFS mount helper [1]. The Amazon EFS mount helper is preinstalled on Amazon Linux.

- Verify that mount options are correct in the /etc/fstab file.
- Verify that permissions are set correctly.
- For a more detailed walkthrough please check [2]

Mounting EFS using the EFS helper:

- To use the EFS helper you must:
    - ensure that you can use the efs mount helper, you must make sure to add the security group of the EFS to the security group of the Workspace[3]
    - The EFS should be configured on the same VPC on which the WorkSpaces are being provisioned or VPC peering should be enabled when EFS and WorkSpaces are in different VPCs. Please refer the documentation on mounting EFS File Systems from Another account or VPC here [4].
    - Also take note that - DNS resolution for file system DNS names requires that the Amazon EFS file system has a mount target in the same Availability Zone as the client instance.

I hope this information helps


[1] Amazon EFS mount helper:

[2] Enable read-write-access on EFS:

[3] Add EFS security group to workspace Security group:

[4] Mounting EFS File Systems from Another Account or VPC:

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Run the following commands on the efs directory after mounting.
• sudo chmod 777 efs
• sudo chmod -R 666 efs/*

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