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/Sensing SNS email notifications from my domain/

Sensing SNS email notifications from my domain


Hello: I'm using SNS to notify users via email. The email is sent from It's is possible to use our own domain? I was able to verify the domain in SES but I don't see a way to link SNS to that verified account.


1 Answers

It is possible to use your own domain for the MAIL FROM.

Please see this guide on how to add your domain and verify it with AWS:

answered 4 months ago
  • I configured MAIL FROM in SES (and it was verified) but I still get all email notifications from Just to clarify, I'm using IoT Events which sends notifications using SNS (I don't see any configuration from SNS nor IoT Events that relates to SES configuration...) Is there any thing else to have this working? My objective is to have users being notified with our own email, not AWS one... Thanks

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