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as AWS has prevented migrating back to RDS using snapshot, I have tried using logical replication as a backup solution. But it seems that even logical replication won't work. If I create logical replication publish to Aurora and subscription in RDS, in situation where both databases are logically in same state, replication seems to start at some random position which leads to errors at RDS end due to data already existing. But there is no changes done at Aurora end to any table. I guess this is due to some internals of the Aurora and those LSNs not matching, etc.??

Anyway, has anyone figured out how to do this? Or is only way to do it with DMS or has AWS also prevented that method?

pg_dump and pg_restore are possibility but that would require days lasting outage for the service. Is this migration really not possible in AWS?

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Migration from Aurora PostgreSQL to RDS PostgreSQL should be possible as both are supported as DMS source and target databases.

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answered 2 months ago
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