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We had our Airflow system setup with Sentry monitoring before migrating to MWAA, we would like to keep using Sentry for critical errors along with Cloudwatch for usual logs. We added the Sentry requirement to requirements.txt and also added the configurations as in the airflow documentation: sentry.sentry_on=True sentry.sentry_dsn=<OUR_SENTRY_DSN>

When we update our system with these configurations ( we were able to get some alerts from MWAA in Sentry ), but after a while we stop getting them and we get a update failed message ' Update failed' (INCORRECT_CONFIGURATION).

Does anyone have a hint on what's happening? Why we get alerts for a while and then stop getting them and update fails? This should be a quick and simple integration.

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2 Answers

MWAA does not currently install requirements on the web server which may be causing the creation failure when the web server tries to communicate with Sentry.

answered 2 years ago
  • The referenced docs claim that MWAA v2.2.2+ will install requirements such as Sentry on the web server. Unfortunately we have observed that this issue persists on v2.2.2. When can we expect Sentry configuration to be functional in MWAA?

  • Note the above was true as of Airflow 2.0.2 support. As of Airflow 2.2.2, requirements are installed on the web server. Note that if the libraries are required on a private web server you will need to package them as WHL files

Accepted Answer

We confirm Sentry works in MWAA v2.2.2, these are the steps to get it working:

First add Sentry to your requirements.txt file:


Then set in your MWAA Configuration options:

sentry.sentry_on  True
sentry.sentry_dsn  <YOUR_SENTRY_DSN>
answered 2 years ago

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