Get Windows Remote PowerShell Endpoint programatically


Is there a way of getting the Windows Remote PowerShell Endpoint using Cloud Formation when the FSx Repository is created as a resource using AWS::FSx::FileSystem or from powershell using something like Get-FSXFileSystem -FileSystemId $FSxId

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Found it eventually for Powershell:

Import-Module 'AWSPowerShell' $FSx = id of fsx $FsxSystem = Get-FSXFileSystem -FileSystemId $FSx $FSxDNSName = $FsxSystem.DNSName $FSxRemoteDNSName = $FsxSystem.WindowsConfiguration.RemoteAdministrationEndpoint Write-Host $FSxDNSName Write-Host $FSxRemoteDNSName

Note you need the role to be able to describe the filesystem e.g. by adding the permision AmazonFSxReadOnlyAccess to the role the server is running as.

answered a year ago

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