Unexpected result in RDS console after blue/green switchover


I finished a blue/green deployment successfully with a MySQL upgrade from version 5 to version 8.

The database is connected and the new version shows up.

But. The view in the RDS console looks different as expected. The blue/green deployment is still connected to both instances.

And also there is an "old blue" and a "new blue" instance.

I want to delete the "old blue" instance and the blue/green deployment, but I'm not sure what will happen.

The breadcrumb shows a relationship between the old and the new blue. Is that right?

RDS console view

Can I delete the old blue and the blue/green and set the delete protection to the new blue?

Why are they still connected with the mysql8-upgrade deployment?

What happens if I delete then? Is there still a "blue" badge, or does it look like before the deployment?

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Accepted Answer

The blue/green deployment is still connected to both the old and new blue instances, which is expected behavior after a successful upgrade. The deployment controls the replication and switchover process between the environments.

You can safely delete the old blue instance since the new blue instance is now the primary. However, it's best to leave the blue/green deployment in place for a period of time in case you need to rollback.

To delete the old resources, you would first set deletion protection on the new blue instance. Then delete the old blue instance. Finally, delete the blue/green deployment once you're confident the upgrade was successful.

Deleting the blue/green deployment will remove the "blue/green" badge from the new blue instance and it will appear as a standalone instance again. However, replication between the old green and new blue will continue unless you manually stop it.

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answered 25 days ago

Thank you, it worked like you said.

answered 24 days ago

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