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I am using the free tier account from India. I want to subscribe to Amazon FPGA AMI, however the subscription fails, stating "You must first review and accept terms." How much i click / download / review the terms , the subscription does not work.

Is this due to some step i am missing for its not enabled for india ?

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It looks like your account is registered with Indian Address and you are purchasing AWS services from Amazon Internet Services Private Limited (AISPL). Please correct me if I misunderstood anything.

If that is the case then I am afraid, AISPL users cannot subscribe to products that are sold by AWS directly.

Please note that AISPL is a local legal Indian entity that acts as a reseller for AWS services in India so that you can receive benefits of interest to customers in India, including the ability to pay in Indian Rupees (INR), the elimination of most foreign transaction fees charged by banks and credit cards, and if applicable, reduced tax withholding rates.

Unfortunately, at this time AISPL is not able to resell all services sold by AWS, including certain listings on AWS Marketplace. To summarize this, some of the listings on marketplace sold by AWS will not be subscribed on AISPL accounts.

However, you can try subscribing to 3-P products, these products are sold by third party sellers and there are no restrictions for AISPL account holders.

I've researched on various 3-P products, could you please check if this product is suitable for your requirement :

FPGA Developer AMI (Amazon Linux 2) with Support Terracloudx :


answered 2 years ago


FPGA Developer AMI is not available to subscribe for AISPL customers as of now. We will take that as feedback and will update aws-fpga github if this changes.


answered 2 years ago

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