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/Help in creating the most simple Athena UDF/

Help in creating the most simple Athena UDF


Hi, could someone please give me an example in using a very simple UDF . From that simple UDF I could make it a more complex one, but I just need a very simple start in returning a substring from a database field. I have 2 problems:

  1. How to define a correct UDF in my query. My query now is:
    select test(ID) FROM "BibleLinkDynDB"."default"."bible_link_statistics" limit 10;
    ID is the database field.

  2. How to use the input from the UDF in the lambda function. Based on the lambda template my function looks like this:
    exports.handler = async (event) => {
    let response = substring(event.arguments,1,10);
    return response;

I know this is not correct. I don't now how to get and process the input string because I think event is an object.

If someone could please give me a hint or a simple example, then this beginner would be very grateful.

kind regards Reyer

2 Answers

Have you looked at this workshop lab on using Athena UDF?

It shows you how to deploy an Athena UDF handler with the Serverless Application Repository and then add a function to it.

answered 3 months ago

Thanks Fabrizio, I will study it.

answered 3 months ago

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