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Hi AWS people I installed AWS IoT Greengrass on Windows and deployed components locally.

But I had a problem because I met an error. I checked the log, and I want to delete the components I distributed locally from the component list.

Component Name: com.drag.Modbus
    Version: 1.0.0
    State: NEW
    Configuration: {}

I used the following command, but the component was not deleted.

/greengrass/v2/bin/greengrass-cli deployment create --remove="com.drag.Modbus"
/greengrass/v2/bin/greengrass-cli \ --ggcRootPath /greengrass/v2 deployment create \ --remove "com.drag.Modbus"

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I want to remove the faulty component from the device. What should I do?

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How did you originally deploy that component? You should use the same method to remove it. So if you deployed to a thing group you'd need to make a new deployment to the thing group which does not include the component.

deployment create --remove <component name> is the right command to remove from a local deployment, but this only works if you deployed the component locally to begin with.

If you deployed the component both locally and from a cloud-based deployment then you must remove it from both the local and cloud deployments.



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