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I have a small instance of lightsail where I am planning to host wordpress. Wordpress is loaded if I try to access it using ip address. I am not able to map it to a domain. This domain is maintain outside (3rd party). when i try to set up wordpress, it keeps failing. Error screen attached. I have checked the DNS records multiple times.

The attached image says wordpress isn't working but it is. Please suggest what am I doing wrong.


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  • I get the following error: "We encountered an error while configuring the Let's Encrypt SSL/TLS certificate on your instance BT-WP-1 in the us-west-2 Region. Try again later."

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If you have a 3rd party registered domain and seem to be using Lightsail DNS zone, have you updated the name servers at the domain registrar to match the name servers provided by the Lightsail DNS zone?

After the name server update is made, it can take few minutes to few days for the change to actually take effect depending on the domain's TLD, original registrar, etc.

You can check if the name servers are updated by running this command ->

dig NS <replace-with-your-domain-name>

and verify that the name-servers returned match those of the Lightsail DNS zone.


With regards to

The attached image says wordpress isn't working but it is.

That message is not related to the cause for the SSL-setup to fail but is instead stating a possible outcome of the setup having failed. Meaning, set up did NOT fail because WordPress isn't running, but WordPress may have stopped working, because changes during setup impacted it.

If you find WordPress is working, please ignore that messaging as it doesn't apply in your case.


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